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Team Carli

Team Carli

On Sunday, March 3, we will be Walking4Friendship to support  Friendship House!

Please help us support Friendship House by making a contribution and supporting our walk. Every dollar we raise will advance this great cause! Friendship House exists to bring happiness and companionship to children and young adults with special needs, by celebrating their individuality. Friendship House brings energy, support, and peace of mind to the children and their families. They create meaningful relationships and friendships between teen volunteers and children with special needs, increasing confidence, igniting dreams, and redefining worldviews. 

This cause is very dear to us, and we would appreciate all the support we can get! Together, we can make a difference!
Alan Rubinoff
    Alison Maer
      Alyx Aigen
        Amanda Faren
          Amanda Weiner
            Andi Fagin
              Barry Shapiro
                Bia Gerngross
                  Bia L Gerngross
                    Bill Maer
                      Bobby Harris
                        Carli Shapiro
                          Cheryl Shapiro
                            Claudia Harris
                              Deb Faren
                                Elaine Rubinoff
                                  Eliana Harris
                                    Emma Winkler
                                      Ethan Aigen
                                        Eveyln Aigen
                                          Jamie Harris
                                            Jenn Gonzales
                                              Joe Holmes
                                                Jonah Weiner
                                                  Jordan Aigen
                                                    Julia Weprin
                                                      Karen Patti
                                                        Kelly Maer
                                                          Lexi Shapiro
                                                            Linda Holmes
                                                              Lori Weprin
                                                                Lucas Aigen
                                                                  Lynn Shapiro
                                                                    Michael Faren
                                                                      Michael Stern
                                                                        Naomi Shapiro
                                                                          Robert Fagin
                                                                            Scott Aigen
                                                                              Scott Weprin
                                                                                Shayna Harris
                                                                                  Sianni Festa
                                                                                    Siena Aigen
                                                                                      Soniya Patel-Festa
                                                                                        Steve Festa
                                                                                          Zoe Weiner


                                                                                            raised of $1,800 goal

                                                                                            47 Fundraisers

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